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Powerful Practice & OTIPM: Planning and Implementing Authentic Occupational Therapy Services mit Prof. Anne G. Fisher

Donnerstag, 08. Oktober 2020 - Samstag, 10 Oktober 2020

This course is based on the text, Powerful Practice: A Model for Authentic Occupational Therapy (Fisher & Marterella, 2019). The intent of this text is to offer occupational therapy clinicians, educators, students, and researchers with a practical and accessible guide to providing occupational therapy services across settings. Building on this text, the course will address how occupational therapists:
- overcome, minimize, or work around the constraints they face in practice;
- reason about the complexity of occupation using the new Transactional Model of Occupation, one that is informed by occupational science;
- critically evaluate the evaluation and intervention methods they use and consider how they can modify their practices to ensure they are legitimate for use in authentic occupational therapy;
- use the Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model (OTIPM) to guide the implementation of authentic occupational therapy services;
- implement observation-based performance analysis of their clients’ quality of occupational performance; and
- accumulate practice-based evidence to support the power of occupation.

Course presenter: Prof. Anne G. Fisher:
Who should attend?: Occupational therapy clinicans, students, educators, and researchers
Course language/ Course materials: English
Course fee: 520€ (incl. textbook "Powerful Practice: A Model for Authentic Occupational Therapy“, lunch, snacks)


Schön Klinik Vogtareuth (Copy)
Krankenhausstraße 20
83569 Vogtareuth

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